My journey to this gift.

My kids are the reason why I picked up a camera. I began by capturing all the little moments as my kids were growing and learning about life. Over time friends and family members wanted their special moments captured as well. So the business began to grow, eventually branching into weddings. This experience has been one of life’s surprising joys for me, photography is such a gift. I love to share this gift with all of couples and families by capturing their most important moments, and preserving their legacy. 

Most know me as a happy and bubbly person who believes that life is too short to worry about the little things. I love to bring this approach to your wedding day so that the atmosphere is fun, positive, and stress free.

meet the team


20 Years of a beautiful thing.

Hi, I am Josh! Ellen’s other half in this photography journey and her other half in life. We have been married for 20 years! Every day together has been an adventure. I love this journey we are on!

Ellen inspired me to pick up a camera and as hesitant as I was about it, I decided to trust her. Ten years later, I have grown to love weddings and really enjoy the connections I make with our couples. Nothing can compare to how it feels photographing a wedding, it's a rush, it's filled with emotion, and it’s an incredible experience to have the honor to share it with our new friends.


Our second shooter.

I have loved photographing with my parents for the last two years and I am so excited to be second shooting full time this year. I am so honored to be a part of this team. 

Creating art that can add so much happiness into someone's life is very rewarding. One could argue that this could be one of the most important meanings of life, to bring happiness. 

My favorite part of the wedding day is when they say “I do” because at that moment, their lives change forever and their excitement surrounding what just happened is just so fun to see. I look forward to preserving moments like these for all of our couples.

Timeless & NATURAL

Our Experience

Creating timeless photographs begins with friendship. Our exclusive process begins with our first meeting where we begin to understand you. We bring you into our family so that you bring us into yours.