Lily Saratoga

Lily Saratoga! A bridal boutique that is charming, relaxed, peaceful, enchanting, quaint...seriously, I could go on forever! As you open the door to this beautiful shop, you will find yourself stepping into a warm and inviting environment. Laura, the owner, and staff, are ready to help you with all of your wedding attire needs from head to toe! They will help you choose the perfect dress of your dreams, the most gorgeous veil, and even help you choose the shoes that are the perfect match to complete the look you want!
I'd love for you to follow me around their shop and see all the stunning rooms and dresses I had the opportunity to photograph!

Let's start at the beginning! As you walk up the stairs, you get a little taste of what's to come as they have beautiful dresses displayed in the window! Your heart starts beating faster and faster as reality starts to feel more and more real- you're about to pick out the wedding dress you've always dreamed of wearing down the aisle! You open the door and walk in to find it tastefully decorated and inviting. The ladies at the desk will happily greet you and prepare you for your appointment! As you look around the lobby, you'll be completely captivated by all that you see!

Now it's time for you to go find the perfect dress! With over 200 gorgeously stunning dresses to select from, I'm confidant you'll find just the one you're looking for! They have three beautiful rooms full of amazing dresses that are different sizes, styles and shades of white, and many beautiful dresses on display.  Let's take a walk through these three rooms, shall we?
The first room has dresses along both sides and a room for your friends and family to have a seat in and hang out while you browse. 

Are you ready to see what the second room has to offer? Let's check it out? Here you'll find more elegant gowns, along with a changing room!

Ok, who's ready to enter into the showcase room with me? Upon entering this bright and exquisite room, you'll find even more dresses to choose from, stunning veils, huge mirrors so you can see how dreamy you look in each dress you try on, and an inviting sitting area for your friends and family to get comfy in as they watch you say "yes" to your perfect dream dress! 
Let's go look at this amazing room where you'll be saying "yes" to the dress you will soon be walking down the aisle in! 

Now that you have chosen your dress, and I'm sure look like a royal princess in, let's go downstairs and look at the beautiful selection of bridesmaid dresses! There are many elegant dresses to choose from ranging in all different sizes, styles and colors! 

Thank you for coming on this tour of Lily Saratoga with me! I wish you the best of luck as you search for the dress of your dreams! I hope you will consider making an appointment and checking out their bridal boutique! I'm confidant you'll find just what you are looking for! 
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