Ethan Hill Visuals

It was such a pleasure to work with Ethan this year! He is fun, creative, and very easy to work with. We enjoyed throwing around different ideas with him.
Ethan started his videography business back in August of 2019 where he began by filming real estate and commercials. Through word of mouth and networking he began to grow his clientele. When asked to film a family friend's wedding Ethan eagerly hopped onto the opportunity and ever since then has fallen in love with capturing couples' important moments.
Ethan's passion has brought him to a place where he can grow as a filmmaker and have fun doing it. His ability to portray the emotions of each individual wedding day into a meaningful film that couples can keep and cherish forever is something that sets him apart from other videographers.
A huge thing we noticed and loved about working with Ethan is his sweet personality and how well he worked with us
and all the vendors, guests, and bridal party. If you would like to learn more about Ethan, check out his website at


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