Danny and Chelsie

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Danny and Chelsie, one of the sweetest couples ever! They grew up together, got married, and have started growing their family! We have been so blessed to be there for so many big moments of their lives! We are so thankful for their friendship!

The first big moment I had the privilege of photographing for them was Chelsie's bridal shower! It was beautiful and she had so many family members and amazing friends there to celebrate with her! 

Then, since we were going to photograph their wedding, we did an engagement session with them. The field was perfect. Danny and Chelsie are amazing in front of the camera! Not only do they know how to dress for the camera but they know how to "model" for the camera! I loved how I would lead them into a pose and they would take it from there! They made my job very easy to say the least! 

After their beautiful engagement session we met again a few months later in Lake Placid, NY for their rehearsal and wedding day! Wow! It was like a Disney princess was getting married. Everything was perfect. The weather, the people, the venue, everything and anything you could imagine on a wedding day...was perfect! Chelsie looked like a dream and Danny her handsome prince! I've never seen more sparkle in Danny's eyes than on his wedding day. Every time he looked at his bride he couldn't help but to get a huge smile on his face. He had waited his whole life for this day and it was finally here!

The next big moment we got to be a part of was photographing Chelsie's baby shower as they prepared to welcome little miss Millie into their family! Chelsie definitely had that mommy-to-be glow! She looked radiant at her baby shower!

Once little Millie came of course we had to take their family portraits! Millie did an amazing job in front of the camera. Josh and I fell in love with her at first sight. She is the sweetest little doll! Her smile is cute enough to melt the grumpiest of hearts and cheer and brighten anyone's day!

We were so excited when Chelsie called us up to schedule another family session! When she told us they had a surprise for us, we had our suspicions. :) we were thriled when we showed up and found out that not only were we going to shoot their family portraits but we found out that they were expecting their second baby and we were going to get to photograph their baby announcement! We couldn't have been happier for Danny and Chelsie!

We have enjoyed being such a big part of Danny and Chelsie's lives these past few years and being able to capture so many special moments! We look forward to capturing many more of their special moments in the future!
Thank you, Danny and Chelsie for giving us this opportunity to watch your family grow! We love you!

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The next shoot we had the opportunity of doing with this sweet growing family was another maternity session. We couldn't wait to meet little Maelyn. Chelsie looked radiant and definitely had that momma-to-be glow! Millie couldn't wait to be a big sister!

Unfortunately, because of covid we were unable to photograph Maelyn during her first few months, but you better believe we were there as soon as possible to photograph her and soak in all of her sweet cuteness! Also, not only had they welcomed Maelyn into their family since we had last photographed them but also Greta, the most lovable yellow lab ever!

Wow, little ones sure do change fast in just a few short months. We headed back to Danny and Chelsie's house for another family session a few months later and couldn't believe how much the girls had changed. Their precious giggles and contagious smiles had Josh and me smiling and laughing the entire session. What sweet little angels! 


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