Family Session


    Moms. They are one of the most important people in this world. Often times, however, they are the last ones to be appreciated, the last ones to have an evening where they can be pampered, the last ones to buy themselves new shoes or a new outfit. They are too busy caring for everyone else in their family. Their husband, children, and pets all get pushed to the front of the line. 
    I am so excited that this mom decided to push ahead to the front of the line and get these photos taken. She's wanted them done for so long and has many frames in her house just waiting to be filled. 
    Karen is a beautiful example of love, strength, compassion, encouragement, inspiration, and true friendship. She has a way of always putting friends and family first and you will never leave a conversation with her without feeling like you are the most important person with a ton of self worth. I truly value Karen's friendship, all of our chats, and count it as a great honor to have been asked to take these photos of her and her family!
    She is raising two incredible sons who are sweet and full of smiles and will, I'm sure, grow up to be just as incredible of a person as their mom. 


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