A Lively Event

Whoot-whoot! 3 cheers for the wedding coordinator! Ya'll, you have no idea how important this lovely lady is to the stress free success of your wedding day. Katie is AMAZING! She has worked behind the scenes at small intimate backyard weddings to huge ballroom receptions. She doesn't miss a beat!

Katie is someone you want to have at your wedding! She is so much fun and bubbly, and at the same time, has such a calming presence. Her personality is contagious! And trust me, you'll want to catch it on your wedding day! 
Katie will take the stress out of your wedding leaving you with only amazing thoughts and memories from your day. At the end of your wedding day, you should think that your day was completely flawless. With Katie, you'll never know of any issues that arise because she speedily takes care of everything. 
If I would have known Katie 18 years ago when I got married, you had better believe she would have been right by my side on my wedding day! 
Please, if you're contemplating whether or not it's worth it to hire a wedding coordinator....IT SO TOTALLY IS! And Katie's the girl for the job! 
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